Our advice process

Our private wealth advisers provide a trusted and consistent approach to providing investment advice to enhance and preserve your wealth.

You work with a team - not just a single adviser.

We specialise in delivering global solutions to help guide you through market cycles. Our aim is to construct portfolios tailored to your needs while taking advantage of market opportunities in a risk-conscious manner. We pay specific attention to risk management and portfolio stability during periods of heightened market volatility.

Understanding objectives

Our approach to managing your wealth starts with a conversation. A conversation where we take the time to learn about you, your situation and your financial goals. Once we have a better understanding, we work with you to develop a tailored investment strategy designed to meet these goals. In doing this we take a holistic approach to your wealth, rather than considering investment strategies in isolation.

We understand that for most of our clients, protecting their wealth is as important as growing it. With this in mind, our approach to wealth management is based on achieving realistic investment returns, while also aiming to manage market volatility effectively.

Global research

In delivering advice and views on markets, you will benefit from the insights of our experienced team of investment and asset class specialists. We draw on the expertise of market-leading, external research providers from across the globe as well as insights captured from the our own Investment Forum. In this forum we bring together some of the best investment and economic thought leaders from leading domestic and global firms, providing both diversity of opinion and unique perspectives on global markets.

Our House View

We take the global views of our research providers, as well as insights from our own in house Investment Forum, and combine this with our own analysis of asset classes, sectors and markets to formulate the firm's House View. LGT Crestone’s House View provides a framework for our long-term strategic and short-term tactical asset allocation decisions.

Strategic asset allocation is an important part of portfolio construction as it structures your portfolio at the asset class level to match your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. Furthermore, history has shown that a disciplined strategic asset allocation is responsible for around 80% of overall investment return variability over the long term. Diversification plays a critical role within strategic asset allocation. By diversifying your portfolio among asset classes with differing risk and return characteristics, portfolios can achieve greater risk-adjusted returns, and provide greater insulation during major market downswings.

While strategic asset allocation can be defined as the planned route to reach your investment objectives, tactical asset allocation can be considered a shift from the strategic asset allocation that aims to enhance your investment journey without altering the end goal. After setting a strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation aims to take advantage of short term market opportunities and manage risk by making your portfolio more adaptive to changes in the macro environment. We believe that behavioural biases and fundamental economic dynamics are the main drivers of market performance over shorter time frames.

Investment Strategy

We take our House View, and tailor this to formulate an investment strategy that’s relevant to your financial goals, cash flow needs and any other special requirements you may have. Your investment strategy specifically includes what proportion of your portfolio will be allocated to particular asset classes, regions and currencies.

Portfolio Solutions

We believe the implementation of your investment strategy is as important as the strategy itself. Our strong heritage, combined with the strength of our strategic partners and specialist investment managers, mean we can provide a comprehensive and global investment offering, delivered in a manner that suits your investment style.

Review and Revise

As global markets change, and your personal circumstances evolve, we regularly review your investment strategy with you to ensure it stays on track with your goals.

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