Sustainable Investing

Sustainability was once thought to come at a cost. Now it pays two kinds of dividend; a great return on investment for you, plus the satisfaction of improving environmental and social outcomes.

What, why and how

What is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing is about investing in companies with sustainable business practices, with the aim of maximising risk-adjusted investment returns over the medium to long term. We believe the long-term health and stability of the market relies on companies operating in a sustainable manner, and that companies and assets won’t thrive while ignoring internal or external environmental, social or governance issues.

Why invest with us?

We have made sustainable investing a top priority for our business. We see it not only as the right thing to do, but part of our fiduciary responsibility and duty of care to our clients—and an essential part of delivering risk-adjusted returns.

How do I get started?

Let us help you build resilience into your portfolio and make the most of sustainable investment opportunities. There’s no one best approach when it comes to investing sustainably, so let us guide you through the approach that makes sense for you.

A significant opportunity set

Opportunities within sustainable investing have increased significantly in recent years and are available across a broad range of themes. However, the opportunity set in the transition to a lower-carbon economy is particularly profound – estimated to be around $100 trillion according Brookfield Asset Management.

Sustainable investment themes can be accessed across a variety of asset classes, both domestically and internationally, via fund structures or individual securities.

Building portfolio resilience

Companies and assets are unlikely to thrive while ignoring internal or external environmental, social or governance issues. As an example, the value of global financial assets at risk from climate change is estimated to be around $2.5 trillion, according to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Delivering stronger risk-adjusted returns

It’s a myth that you need to sacrifice performance when you invest sustainably. Data increasingly shows that sustainable investment returns have kept up with, if not outperformed, the broader market over the long term. Not only that, the Responsible Investment Association Australasia reports that 92% of impact investors feel their financial expectations are being met or exceeded by their current impact investments.

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