With a reputation for domestic expertise and the global scale and access of LGT, we can provide a greater range of alternative investments to enhance and diversify your portfolio.

Beyond the traditional

We have established a reputation of excellence for providing access to hedge funds, private equity and real assets to diversify and enhance our clients’ investment portfolio returns.

Alternatives are best thought of as a diverse range of assets that exists outside traditional investments like publicly-traded equities, fixed income securities and cash. 

They can increase the return potential of a portfolio and also enhance diversification because they have a lower correlation - to  broader market swings. They can also be used to facilitate specific outcomes or themes - such as liability matching, cash flow stability or inflation protection.

Higher return opportunities

Alternatives can increase the return potential of a portfolio through access to a broader set of investment strategies. Over the past decade, many institutional investors and family offices have been increasing their exposure to alternatives by shifting from peripheral or satellite exposures to more core positions. This significantly reflects the current lower-return environment globally in traditional asset classes, and the ability for alternative investments to enhance risk-adjusted returns. Despite the higher return opportunities, manager selection is key to ensure the best return and risk outcomes when incorporating alternatives into portfolios.

Enhanced portfolio diversification

With a low correlation to traditional asset classes, an investment in alternatives can be a beneficial way to enhance diversification within your portfolio. By investing in alternatives, diversification can be increased, which can lead to a more desirable risk-return profile for a balanced portfolio.

We can help by providing you with access to:

  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Real assets
Private equity has outperformed public equity over the past 15 years, and has a significantly larger investment universe.
Scott Haslem
Chief Investment Officer

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