Intergenerational Wealth

Our private wealth advisers can help you turn your success into a family tradition - ensuring the privilege and responsibility of your wealth is passed on.

Families, in general, are complex and dynamic

Aligning them may not be possible, nor even required, but giving them a voice and creating an environment of inclusion will be. As a part of LGT, we have the experience of managing the wealth of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein across multiple generations.

The key to successful wealth transfer

Affluent families are, by their very nature, subject to several hurdles when considering how to preserve wealth over subsequent generations. Is the aim to leave a legacy or just the leftovers?

Obviously, a key determinant of the approach to be taken is what, exactly, is the intergenerational objective. If the plan is to leave the family a legacy, how do you turn your success into a family tradition and ensure the privileges and responsibility of wealth are passed on?

Important considerations

Open communication is key to successful wealth transfer

The way issues and conflicts are handled and the level of open communication have a far greater impact on the actual successful transfer of wealth than individual investment decisions.

Intergenerational wealth transfer requires a plan and framework

The main factors to be discussed in order to protect family cohesion and smooth succession should include family values, family history, business/investments, approach to philanthropy, role of a centralised family office, structure of future interaction/engagement and understanding the asset base.

Reversing dynamic erosion requires prudent investment and disciplined controls around spending

If the capital base remains static and the family grows in number, wealth will obviously diminish.

A structured, inclusive approach is needed

Often, a convenient place to start is a discussion around family values and what matters most to the family, while developing a clear understanding of how the wealth was generated.

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